National GEB Roadmap: U.S. DOE, A National Roadmap for Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings (May 2021)

U.S. DOE, Connected Communities (overview presentation)

NASEO, "Demand Flexibility and Grid-interactive Efficient Buildings 101" (September 2022)


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    • Upcoming forums are limited to state Working Group members. Please contact with questions.

    • NASEO-NARUC GEB Working Group Forum: NREL Energy Efficiency and Demand Flexibility State Potential Study, May 17, 2023, 3:00-4:30 PM ET: Matt Leach (National Renewable Energy Laboratory will present an overview of state-level energy efficiency (EE) and demand flexibility (DF) potential of selected measures and building types. Study approaches, results, and planned next steps will be presented along with considerations of how states and others can use such information to inform planning, policy, and regulations to enhance EE and DF and the benefits they provide. The presentation will be followed by state discussion and Working Group updates and exchanges. This Forum is limited to state attendees.

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