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Director of the Residential Energy Services
Colorado Energy Office

The Director of the Residential Energy Services Unit is responsible for leading CEO's efforts to provide comprehensive energy services aimed at reducing energy consumption and lowering energy costs for households throughout all of Colorado. The Director will oversee the Weatherization Assistance Program which provides energy retrofits services to income qualified households aimed at reducing client's energy burden as well as financial tools for home energy improvements. The Director also looks holistically across income spectrum to design, implement, and communicate programming and policy initiatives that ensure Colorado's residential energy consumers have access to cost-effective home energy improvements. This position manages CEO staff within the Residential Energy Services Unit.

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Program Director – Utility Policy and Regulation
National Association of State Energy Officials

The Program Director position operates in support of NASEO’s members and includes responsibilities such as conducting outreach to states and private sector partners, authoring reports and recommendations, identifying fundraising opportunities and leading proposal development, facilitating meetings, engaging external audiences, and representing NASEO at meetings and events. The position requires exceptional written and oral communications skills, a deep understanding of utility regulation, markets, and policies, and attention to completing funded deliverables to meet both NASEO member goals and funder expectations.

The Program Director will also provide support for NASEO’s Energy Assurance program. Under the Energy Assurance program, NASEO enables states to better respond to energy supply disruptions and enhance the resiliency of energy infrastructure, and facilitates cross-sector communication to strengthen resiliency in the energy, transportation, and infrastructure sectors. In this capacity, the Program Director will draft reports and recommendations, conduct outreach to states and private sector partners, facilitate meetings, and represent NASEO at meetings and events.

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