NASEO and the Kentucky Department for Energy Development and Independence (DEDI) offer customized State Energy Data Profiles that summarize relevant energy, environmental, and socioeconomic data for states. The profiles can be used to do the following:

  • Inform state energy assurance planning;
  • Provide baseline essential sector-by-sector data for strategic energy analysis;
  • Support state energy policy development; 
  • Serve as a foundation for overall energy program development; and
  • Define energy relationships to an individual state economy.

Order Form

Each state profile is available as a 15-page standalone PDF publication, ready to be printed, emailed, or posted online. Your purchase will also include a 60+ slide Powerpoint presentation and Excel files containing the original data.

Preview a sample of the PDF publication and the Powerpoint presentation:

This electronic publication is available for $2,200 and can be tailored to include other data and graphics upon request for a nominal additional fee. All of the 60-plus digital graphics and tables in the reports are provided for use in your own publications, presentations, and websites. States may also purchase a profile for both this year and next year at a 5 percent discount.

Upon submitting your order, please allow up to four weeks for the electronic delivery of your State Energy Data Profile. Profiles with additional graphics and statistics may require additional time for delivery.  The data presented in the profile is regularly updated. 

Additional Data and Graphics

Additional statistics and graphics can be added to your order as outlined below. The cost for the additional graphics is $300 per graphic. Inclusion of state-sourced graphics or anything beyond the options presented below can be discussed on a case-by-case basis and will be priced separately.

  1. Add a graphic that compares any one statistic in the existing state energy profile between any two states, any subset of states, or even all states simultaneously. Specify which statistic is being compared, the type of graphic (i.e. times series, bar, column, etc.) and which states to include. 
  2. Add any of the statistics or graphics in the full Kentucky Energy Profile for your state, except for the maps. Or, peruse the Kentucky Energy Database Codebook. Specifically, we can easily graph any of the variables in the existing Kentucky Energy Database Codebook, where the Data Source Code does not begin with "KY", (i.e. KY-CLD). For all other variables, we have already collected and processed statistics for all states for comparison and modeling purposes.