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Energy = Jobs 2014 Pennsylvania State Energy Plan

State Energy Plan Energy = Jobs 2014 Pennsylvania State Energy Plan
Date of Current Plan 2014
Authoring Agency Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority, PEDA (with SEO involvement)

This energy plan articulates Pennsylvania’s energy policy for 2014 and beyond.  The  policy ensures the framework is in place to continue to have an abundant, reliable supply of  energy through all types of resources for all  Pennsylvanians – both residents and businesses alike.  Safe and reliable energy, water, sewer and transportation infrastructure - combined with a superior workforce and many scenic and vibrant  communities - come  together to make Pennsylvania  an attractive  location  for business investment and  an unparalleled  place to  live.  The commitment  to  ensure  our  energy  infrastructure  is modernized and the  unprecedented opportunity  made  possible  by shale  gas  development - coupled with the increasing  volatility  associated  with  foreign  energy  markets - provide  a  newfound  driving force  to  craft  an energy  plan for  Pennsylvania. 

This plan meets the Commonwealth’s  overarching  goals of  fiscal responsibility, helping to provide jobs for every Pennsylvanian and continuing to develop the workforce to fill those jobs.       


Created by Mandate

This program is authorized by the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority and Emergency Powers Act, Act of Dec. 14, 1982, P.L. 1213, No. 280, as amended, 71 P.S. § 720.1 et seq.; the Act of July 13, 2005, P.L. 213, No. 45, amending the Environmental Stewardship and Watershed Protection Act, 27 Pa. C.S. §§ 6101 et seq.; the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Pub.L. No. 11-5 (2009) and through the settlement, approved by Order of Dec. 1, 2007, in Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, et al. v. Duquesne Light Company (Docket Nos. R-00061346, R 00061346C0001, R-00061346C0002, R-00061346C0005 and R-00061346C0007).