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Delaware Energy Plan 2009-2014

State Energy Plan Delaware Energy Plan 2009-2014
Date of Current Plan 2009
Authoring Agency Governor's Energy Advisory Council

This is an operational plan with on-going planning through the Governor's Energy Advisory Council's working groups.  Recommendations are prioritized based on timing, importance, and anticipated financial impacts of the recommendations. These recommendations were ranked as high priority if they should be implemented in the very short term, based on importance, anticipated high benefit-cost ratios, or no-cost for the state to implement.  Following this, second tier recommendations should be accomplished in the mid-term, years 2 to 3, or as funding becomes available. Lastly, the third tier recommendations should be accomplished if and when funding opportunities arose.

Created by Mandate

Del. Code Ann. Tit. 29 §8053(c)(7)

Planning Efforts Underway

In progress.