Leveraged $200,000 of SEP Funds to Support Residential and Commercial Building Energy Standards

Leveraged SEP funding

Technical compliance rate for residential energy codes

Technical compliance rate for commercial energy codes


In Vermont, the State Energy Office has leveraged nearly $200,000 of SEP funds to support Vermont’s residential and commercial building energy standards. SEP funds assisted Vermont in the energy code updating process by providing technical support for updating the standards as well as assisting with the public stakeholder process; provided training to builders, architects, and realtors; and purchased energy code training materials.  Vermont has measured compliance with RBES and CBES in market assessments. The technical compliance rate for residential was 74 percent and 88 percent commercial. Vermont is well on the way to achieving 90 percent compliance with energy codes by 2017 and partially credits the statewide training, availability of code materials, as well as energy efficiency new construction programs, for these compliance rates.

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