SEP Funds Used to Support STEM Education

Education events

5,000 students
Engaged in 56 counties

20,000 students
Potentially reached over the next year


In Tennessee, the State Energy Office’s K-12 energy education program promotes energy literacy and introduces educators and students to topics including, but not limited to, electricity generation, consumption, and measurement; renewable energy; and energy efficiency and conservation. In Program Year 2019, staff hosted over 30 K-12 energy education events throughout the state, engaging more than 5,000 students and educators in 56 counties. Educators that attended the events reported the potential to further expand the program’s reach and provide more than 1,800 hours of energy education to more than 20,000 students over the course of the next school year. Tennessee plans to expand this successful program in 2020 and will strive to provide energy education opportunities to at least one school in each of Tennessee’s 95 counties, prioritizing economically distressed or at-risk counties and/or schools whose low-income student population is greater than 60% of the total student body.

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