SEP Funds Implemented Residential Program which Approved 21,365 Tax Credits for Renewable and Energy Efficient Systems

Tax credits approved for renewable energy and energy efficiency eligible systems


129,180 million
Btus saved


In investments made for every
Of SEP funds expended


In Oregon, the State Energy Office used SEP funding to implement the Residential Energy Tax Credit Program (RETC).  The goal of the RETC is to promote energy savings or energy displacement and market transformation by providing incentives that encourage the purchase of energy efficient and renewable energy devices for homes in Oregon. RETC helped save 129,180 million Btus, approved 21,365 tax credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency eligible systems, and leveraged SEP dollars with $139.5 million in non-federal funding.  The ratio of non-federal leveraged funds to SEP federal funds is $100 to $1.

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