SEP Funding Supported Local Government Energy Efficiency Projects

In SEP funding leveraged

In local funding leveraged
1,359,040 kWh
In annual electricity savings

25-30 percent
In average annual energy consumption savings


In Oklahoma, the State Energy Office funded local governments for lighting and water-wastewater treatment facilities' energy efficiency projects. In FY 2018’s program year, $450,485 in SEP funds was coupled with $166,034 leveraged by the local communities.

The communities will save an annual average of 30-percent in energy consumption, which is approximately 1,359,040 kWh. The program funded communities with the goal of increasing resiliency. In addition to efficiency projects, SEO’s partnership with the Office of Secretary of Energy and Environment is working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to develop an interactive model for expressing the value of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) based on users’ inputs from a particular jurisdiction. This model includes assessment tools to provide an evaluation of the market for DER in Oklahoma. This will assist with identifying best practices for enhancing consumer protections, regulatory enforcement, legislative actions, and industry compliance in the DER market.

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