New Mexico

SEP Funds Leveraged to Support GESPC Program

5,636 jobs
Due in large part to energy audits and performance contracts

$53.8 million
In utility savings

66 million pounds
Of CO2 avoided


In New Mexico, the State Energy Office administers the Energy Savings Performance Contracting Program to promote energy savings for the public sector including state agencies, public schools, institutions of higher education and local governments. Last year over $121 million in energy audit certifications were issued and $53.8 million in utility savings were realized. The projects reviewed and certified by the New Mexico State Energy Office guaranteed savings of $4.1 million per year. That savings equates to 180,000 therms of natural gas, 34.3 million in kilowatt hours of electricity and 10.7 million gallons of water to be saved annually. Overall, the projects, when completed, will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of public facilities by 66 million pounds of CO2e. This reduction is the equivalent of the carbon sequestered by 39,138 acres of forests, 33,021,568 pounds of coal burned, or 74,364,407 miles driven in an average passenger car. Energy Performance Contracting has also stimulated job growth. New Mexico’s 5,636 energy efficiency jobs in 2019 represented nationally leading growth of 11.6% relative to 2018. This growth was in large part due to the energy audits and performance contracts certified by the New Mexico State Energy Office, and these jobs span multiple skill sets including technicians, laborers, machinists, installers, roofers, insulators and building inspectors—as well as engineers, scientists, and architects working on cutting-edge technology. Moreover, these are local jobs that provide economic benefit to communities that cannot be outsourced.

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