New Hampshire

SEP Funds Used to Decrease Energy Costs and Usage in Local Elementary School

In SEP funds leveraged

Annual savings in energy costs
34,157 kWH
Saved per year

2,222 gallons
Of oil saved per year


In New Hampshire, the State Energy Office created the School Energy Efficiency Development (SEED) Grant, a one-time competitive grant award of $100,000, funded by the State Energy Program. The Jennie D. Blake Elementary School was selected as the recipient of the first SEED Grant. The SEED grant targeted three major efficiency areas: weatherization, lighting, and control upgrades. In the first year following project completion, the school has saved approximately $10,782 in electricity costs, and energy usage has decreased by 34,157 kWH per year. The school is also saving $6,110 per year in oil heating costs, and is using 2,222 fewer gallons of oil. Savings from the project can be reinvested directly back into the school.

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