SEP Funds Helped Save $1.75 Million in Annual Energy Costs for Michigan State Office Complex

$13.5 million
Investment in energy efficiency upgrades

$1.75 million
In annual energy cost savings

10.4 metric tons
Reduction of CO2


In Michigan, the State Energy Office leveraged SEP funding to make several upgrades to the Energy Center at the State of Michigan Secondary Complex. The Energy Center provides steam and chilled water throughout the complex and now also provides electricity using the recently installed cogeneration system. The 2.4 MW system supplies 35-50 percent of the complexes electricity (enough power for 2,575 Michigan homes) while generating 14,000lb/hr of steam as a byproduct. Depending on demand, the steam is used for heating (in combination with two 20,000 lb/hr heat recovery steam generators) or for cooling (using two 1,000 ton absorption chillers).  About $13.5 million has been invested in energy efficiency upgrades with an estimated annual savings of $1.75 million in energy costs, more resilient facility operation, and 10.4 metric tons reduction of carbon dioxide.

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