SEP Funds Helped Reduce Energy Costs in Rural Communities

In SEP funds leveraged
In private funding leveraged


In projected annual savings from funded projects

1,903,945 kWh
In projected annual energy savings from funded projects


In Michigan, the State Energy Office created the Agriculture and Rural Communities Energy Incentive program. This program provides funding directly to the agriculture sector and to rural communities, and grew out of findings from the state’s Agriculture and Rural Communities Energy Roadmap, which documents the current status of energy-efficiency and renewable energy policies and programs for rural residents and businesses in the state. During 2019 this program provided over $88,176 in SEP funding, leveraging $617,964 in private funding, to eight businesses and three schools in nine rural communities. The savings from these funded projects totaled $151,553 per year as well as 1,903,945 kWh per year in energy savings.

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