Invested $4.5 Million of SEP Funds to Achieve Greater Energy Efficiency in the Multi-Family Sector

$4.5 million
Funds invested for multi-family sector

Units benchmarked
Successful retrofits

Energy savings realized, which exceeded
Goal of the pilot program


In Maine, the State Energy Office leveraged $4.5 million in SEP funds to support a pilot project geared toward achieving energy efficiency investments in the multi-family sector.  It is challenging to achieve energy efficiency improvements in this sector, especially for smaller scale buildings.   The pilot operated for nearly three years and focused on buildings with 5-20 units.  Over 3,500 units were benchmarked, and 1,800 were successfully retrofitted.  On average, 26 percent energy savings were realized, exceeding the 20 percent goal of the pilot.  The pilot is now a self-sustaining program, using prescriptive incentives to keep implementation costs low.  All buildings with more than five units are eligible to participate.

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