SEP Funds Used to Enhance Efficiency and Decrease Costs of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

1.76 million kilowatt-hours
Reduced annual energy consumption

100-hp variable speed pumps installed
50-hp variable speed pumps installed

In annual savings


In Louisiana, the State Energy Office SEP-funded revolving loan program enabled the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government’s Pollution Control Division to enhance efficiency and decrease costs at the Parish’s North Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project’s $1.3-million total cost was made feasible by the Parish’s participation in the Louisiana Department of Natural Resource’s revolving loan program, allowing the Parish to finance the cost of implementing the improvements over time. Project partner GreenPoint Engineering’s design upgraded the existing Primary Effluent Pump Station, and replaced the facility’s six constant speed 150-hp pumps with two 100-hp and two 50-hp variable speed pumps.

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