$46,000 in SEP Funds Used to Promote and Sponsor the Kansas KidWind Challenge

In SEP funds leveraged

44 teams
In 2019, up from 17 teams in 2018

147 students
In 2019, up from 55 students in 2018


In Kansas, SEP funds have been used to sponsor four regional competitions and the state KidWind Challenge.  KidWind is an annual competition where student teams build and test their own wind turbines then compete in a regional event for a chance to move on to state and national competitions. The state KidWind Challenge grew from 17 teams in 2018 to 44 in 2019.  The number of schools grew from 8 to 21 and the number of students from 55 to 147. 
SEP funds were used to provide technical support to teachers, develop an informational webinar, loan out test wind tunnels and make presentations to students.

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