SEP Funded Facility Conservation Improvement Program (FCIP) Helps Save Taxpayers $20 Million

$20 million
Savings to Kansas taxpayers through FCIP

Total project cost for HVAC system upgrades at one elementary school

Overall energy savings annually at elementary school


In Kansas, the State Energy Office focuses on energy efficiency and economic development programs throughout the state.  These programs meet two general goals of (1) reducing the taxpayer burden and (2) promoting small businesses in Kansas.  The Facility Conservation Improvement Program (FCIP) is helping Kansas meet those goals.  SEP funds support the operation of FCIP, which has produced over $20 million in savings to taxpayers annually through energy efficiency investments in state and local public facilities using energy savings performance contracting.  One example of an FCIP project is energy system upgrades at Rock Creek United School District 323.  The total project cost was $2,181,573 and is expected to achieve overall savings for the district, including electricity, water, gas and operational savings, of approximately $154,000 annually.

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