SEP-Funded Visualization Tools Will Help Navigate Path to 100% Clean Energy

In SEP funds leveraged

By the years
2020: 606 GWh
2030: 1,501 GWh
2040: 4,188 GWh
2045: 6,875 GWh
In projected incremental renewable energy growth by each date

Number of solar photovoltaic systems on residences


In Hawaii, the State Energy Office (HSEO) is using SEP funds to develop advanced visualization capabilities which will allow for HSEO to analyze and communicate information contained within complex energy data sets highlighting energy and related sector interdependencies and scenarios. Hawaii Advanced Visualization Energy Nexus (HAVEN) allows the Hawaii State Energy Office to enhance the assessment of utility power supply plans and related issues such as the electrification of ground transportation and land use. The HSEO is actively utilizing HAVEN in meetings with State Legislators, workshops with energy stakeholders and market participants, and presentations at community events to better analyze and communicate the tradeoffs and interdependencies of resource development plans to achieve 100 percent renewable energy in the State. The HAVEN “tableMAP” has been demonstrated more than fifty times over the past year.

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