SEP Funds Helped Launch Irrigation Efficiency Rebate Program, Resulting in 59 Issued Rebates Totaling $278,911

Rebates issued
Total amount in rebates

$1.1 million
In completed energy efficient irrigation projects
335,097 gallons
Diesel fuel saved annually

Reduction in costs to operate irrigation motors


In Georgia, the State Energy Office leveraged SEP funds to launch a rebate program to help farmers with the costs of replacing inefficient diesel irrigation engines with more energy-efficient electric irrigation motors.  Farmers in three counties had the opportunity to apply for up to $15,000 in rebates.  Thirty-eight projects were completed and saved 12,835 MMBTUs a year—the equivalent of power used in more than 3,000 homes in one month, and 145,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year, which would fuel more than 200 cars for a year.  The popularity of the program encouraged the Georgia State Energy Office to create a statewide program which yielded the following results: 59 rebates totaling $278,911 issued; $1.1 million in energy efficient irrigation projects completed; and 335,097 gallons of diesel fuel saved annually.  In addition, the program led to an $800,559 reduction in costs to operate irrigation motors.

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