SEP Funds Helped Connecticut Businesses, Municipalities, and Residents Achieve $81.1 Million in Energy Savings

Connecticut households
Businesses and municipalities
(taking advantage of Energize CT services)

$43.9 million
Total savings in 2014 for Connecticut residents

$37.2 million
Total savings in 2014 for Connecticut businesses and municipalities


In Connecticut, the State Energy Office launched Energize CT, which used SEP funds to leverage resources to serve more than 989,000 households statewide in 2014, saving approximately $43.9 million. More than 6,000 Connecticut businesses and municipalities also saved approximately $37.2 million for the year through the program. These numbers are up from 2013, which saw 477,000 homeowners and renters, and 4,000 businesses and municipalities take advantage of Energize CT services. Energize CT provides in-home services such as Home Energy Solutions (HES), rebate and retail product programs, and a new home construction program.

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