SEP Funds Leveraged $98 Million in Energy Savings Performance Contracts

$98 million
20 year lease-purchase agreement plan for energy upgrades

20,000 metric tons
Average annual reduction in emissions


Jobs created during two-year installation period


In Alabama, the State Energy Office initiated an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) leveraging State Energy Program (SEP) funds to implement a 20-year lease-purchase agreement to implement $98 million of energy upgrades. All energy efficient measures have been completed and the state has produced significant annual savings from the new, more reliable and energy-efficient equipment. In addition to the energy cost savings, the project created an estimated 1,677 jobs during the nearly two-year installation period. The environmental benefits from the energy savings projects have included an average reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide of over 20,000 metric tons annually, as well as reductions in nitrogen and mercury emissions.

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