MidAmerican Energy Announces $3.6 billion Investment in Renewable Energy

MidAmerican Energy Company recently announced a major project that will provide a cleaner energy future for Iowa. The announcement is a giant step toward realizing the company’s vision of 100 percent renewable energy for customers in the state.

MidAmerican Energy is filing a request with the Iowa Utilities Board to build Wind XI, a project that will add up to 2,000 megawatts of wind generation in Iowa. The proposed $3.6 billion project is the largest wind project MidAmerican Energy has ever undertaken, and it’s being done without asking for an increase in customer rates or financial assistance from the state to pay for it.

“We have a bold vision for our energy future,” said Bill Fehrman, CEO and president of MidAmerican Energy. “We don’t know of another U.S. energy provider that has staked out this 100 percent position. Our customers want more renewable energy, and we couldn’t agree more. Once the project is complete, we will generate wind energy equal to 85 percent of our annual customer sales in Iowa, bringing us within striking distance of our 100 percent renewable vision.”

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