Celebrate High Performance Building Week

Monday, June 13, 2016, will mark the beginning of the 2016 version of High Performance Building Week.  The week’s events are organized by the High Performance Building Coalition in support of the Congressional High Performance Building Caucus.

Events for this year will include Congressional Briefings on the federal participation in the development and use of consensus standards (OMB Circular A-119), state and city demand for green and high-performance buildings, and the National Institute of Building Science’s Consultative Council Report. Finally, there will be a reception featuring members of the Congressional Caucus on Tuesday, June 14th. 

If you are interested in participating in any of the High Performance Building Week events please contact Todd Sims at NASEO at tsims@naseo.org.

The High Performance Building Coalition is a coalition of approximately 200 organizations that provides guidance and support to the High Performance Building Caucus of the U.S. Congress. Members of the coalition include advocates for everything from energy efficiency to indoor air quality, industry and product manufactures, and other membership organizations.

NASEO has been an active member of the Coalition for several years. NASEO has used this platform to increase the awareness of State Energy Offices among the Coalition members and to advocate for SEO priorities including: SEP and WAP, energy codes, above-code programs and many more.

The Coalition supports legislation and policies that protect life and property, promote innovative building technologies, enhance U.S. economic competitiveness, increase energy and water efficiency in the built-environment, advance sustainable and resilient communities, and support the development of private sector standards, codes and guidelines that address these concerns.