U.S. Department of Energy Announces Location of Public Meetings for Consent-Based Siting of Used Nuclear Fuel and Waste

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a series of public meetings to receive input on designing a fair and effective process for the siting of facilities to manage spent nuclear fuel and high level radioactive wastes. The locations, dates and registration web sites are listed below. DOE also issued a formal Invitation for Public Comment in the Federal Register.  The meetings are not to select a site but instead to receive comments and information to create what DOE describes as a consent-based siting process to establish facilities around the country to manage spent nuclear fuel and high level radioactive waste. DOE envisions a number of facilities both pilot and permanent to handle store nuclear spent fuel from reactors and high level radioactive waste from Department of Defense activities over the years. The intent is to create a storage system new and apart from the present practice of storing nuclear fuel at reactor sites and high level waste at DOE storage facilities. DOE considers moving to a consent-based siting system for these items as fairer, more efficient and less costly to taxpayers and ratepayers then the current system.

  1. Atlanta, GA - April 11, 2016 
  2. Sacramento, CA - April 26, 2016 
  3. Denver, CO - May 24, 2016 
  4. Boston, MA - June 2, 2016 
  5. Tempe, AZ - June 23, 2016 
  6. Boise, ID - July 14, 2016 
  7. Minneapolis, MN - July 21, 2016 

For more information on the public meetings and the consent-based siting initiative, please visit www.energy.gov/consentbasedsiting.