California Offers $31 Million for ZNE Buildings and Efficient Communities

California is offering up to $31 million for ZNE building projects and demand-side management for communities.

Issued by the California Energy Commission on September 23, 2015, the solicitation seeks pilot projects that use advanced technologies for existing and new buildings. The commission wants to develop ways to identify the maximum level of energy efficiency that can be cost-effectively achieved by climate zone and building type.

Grant money also will go toward demonstrations of large scale integrated approaches that cost effectively achieve zero net energy.

The $31 million is divided among six types of projects. Community-wide efficiency efforts will receive the largest portion of the $31 million.

Specifically, the solicitation allots $4 million for Group 1, which focuses on emerging building technology and approaches for existing buildings. The same amount goes to Group 2 for emerging technology pilots in new zero net energy buildings.

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