Kentucky Finds Opportunity Using ESPCs for Local Government

Supported by DOE's State Energy Program, the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet has established a public facilities energy retrofit program to review ESPCs for local governments.

The goal of the program is to assist local governments in reducing energy consumption through increased use of ESPCs. Under an ESPC, an energy service company provides customers with a comprehensive set of energy conservation, renewable energy, and distributed generation measures and guarantees that the energy savings will finance the full cost of the retrofit project.

Through this program, Greensburg, Kentucky contracted with an energy service company to replace 300 water meter setters and more than 1,200 water meters. The new meters feature wireless technology that provides better leak detection and improved billing accuracy. The new technology also reduces staff hours devoted to water meter reading.

Greensburg also bundled energy-efficient improvements with the meter replacements.  The local energy service company made HVAC and lighting improvements in several city buildings that not only save energy, but also improve comfort for occupants.

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