Hawaiian Electric Company Proposes New Community Renewables Program

Hawaiian Electric Co. has proposed a Community-Based Renewable Energy program and tariff designed to broaden access to rooftop solar and support development of more renewable energy.

Hawaii has been in the center of a nationwide struggle of utilities navigating the hurdles of distributed generation while the state transitions to the ambitious goal of running on 100% renewables by 2045. But the path isn't easy, as HECO noted as it rolls out its latest program aimed at opening access for rooftop solar for those without suitable roofs or rent homes and apartments.

More than three quarters of Hawaiian residences are largely inaccessible for rooftop solar, according to HECO -- either the residents are renting, the rooftop is not the proper size, or they live in buildings with multiple units. But if the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission approves a new community-based program it could greatly expand access to clean solar power while moving the state forward towards its 100% renewable goal.

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