Rochester, Minnesota, Eyes 100% Renewable Energy by 2031

The city of Rochester, Minn., will attempt to use all renewable energy by 2031, targeting energy efficiency and the heating and cooling sectors as the community's top priorities, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

A Minnesota town joined a rapidly growing trend of cities aiming for 100% renewables in their power resource mix across the United States.

Minnesota -- named by WalletHub recently as the third most energy-efficient state -- appears to be experiencing a community-focused boom in clean energy interest.

Cologne, with a population of about 1,500, announced over the summer that a community solar deal would allow the municipality to source all of its energy from clean sources. The city expects to save $1.1 million with its 25-year solar subscription. Now, Rochester (much larger, with a population exceeding 100,000) will move in the same direction.

Rochester's Mayor Brede signed the proclamation on Oct. 12, declaring the city's plan to reach all renewables by 2031. The plan focuses on energy efficiency, consumer education, electrifying the heating, cooling and transport sectors, and adopting integrated planning approaches.

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