Michigan Announces State-based Strategy to Comply with Clean Power Plan

The Michigan Agency for Energy recently announced that the state will submit a compliance strategy for the federal rules, avoiding challenging the rules in federal court.

More than half of Michigan’s renewable energy capacity would not count towards its carbon-reduction goals under the federal Clean Power Plan, state officials said today.

Due to the state’s “aggressive” renewable portfolio standard passed by the Legislature in 2008, a majority of the generation installed since then would not receive credit under the plan, Valerie Brader, director of the Michigan Agency for Energy, told reporters today.

“It absolutely is the EPA rule rewarding delay over early action,” Brader said.

Among the comments Michigan submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency to improve the rule, “That is the area we were most disappointed for not taking our input,” she added.

How much specific renewable generation is given credit will depend on the compliance strategy Michigan takes, according to the Michigan Public Service Commission.

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