DOE Seeks Input on 2018 IECC Development

DOE Proposals for the IECC
The DOE Building Energy Codes Program mission supports the development and implementation of model building energy codes and standards to achieve the maximum practicable and cost-effective improvements in energy efficiency, while providing safe, healthy buildings for occupants. Part of this mission is directed at the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), which serves as a model energy code, and is widely adopted by U.S. states and localities. Any interested party may participate in the IECC development and consensus process, as administered by the International Code Council (ICC).

DOE Participation in the ICC Code Development Process
The Department seeks to advance energy efficiency by cost-effectively strengthening the code and clarifying provisions to be more easily understood, implemented and enforced. DOE is directed to participate in the development of model building energy codes, such as the IECC, for residential and commercial buildings, and participates in the ICC development process by (42 USC 6836):

• Conducting technical analysis to identify concepts for consideration;
• Developing and submitting proposals based on concepts deemed credible and cost-effective; and
• Supporting proposals through the ICC process.

A notice is published in the Federal Register outlining DOE participation in the ICC code development process. Interested stakeholders may also choose to receive updates on the Department's code development activities.

Public Participation in the Development of DOE Proposals for the IECC
The public has several opportunities to provide DOE with input:

• Comments on posted proposals; and
• Participation in public meetings.

The Department publishes its proposals and supporting information as it becomes available. As information is updated continually, interested parties are urged to monitor the DOE webpage and stakeholder mailing lists. Note that the Department does not provide responses to individual public comments, but considers all information received, and incorporates all appropriate information into updated versions of its proposals. Additional instructions are provided below regarding submitting comments on DOE proposals, including associated comment deadlines.

Webinar: Introduction of initial DOE concepts under consideration for the 2018 IECC:

Date: Thursday May 28, 2015; webinar recordings can be viewed by registering at the link below:

Commercial Session
Residential Session

Stakeholder Meeting: Public meeting for interested parties to present their concepts for the 2018 IECC, and to encourage an exchange of ideas amongst stakeholders.

Date: June 15-16, 2015 in Denver, Colorado
Location: Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown: 1450 Glenarm Place, Denver, CO 80202

• Residential Session: Monday, June 15 from 1:00 – 5:00 pm (MDT)
• Commercial Session: Tuesday, June 16 from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm (MDT)

Advanced registration is required — please register early, as space is limited.
Other Important Dates:

• October 05, 2015 – Deadline for submitting comments on DOE proposals
• December 2015 – DOE final code change proposals published
• January 11, 2015 – ICC deadline for submission of proposals for the 2018 IECC

NOTE: Additional deadlines the DOE or ICC process will be added as they are established.

Additional information surrounding the Department's participation in the development of the 2018 IECC is presented below, including all available DOE proposals and supporting information.

Questions regarding this information, including those related to DOE proposals or how to participate in the process should be addressed to Jeremy Williams, Project Manager.

Instructions for Submitting Comments on DOE Proposals:
Comments on DOE proposals for the 2018 IECC are subject to the associated deadlines referenced above and may be submitted by email or public docket.
All submissions received must include the agency name (U.S. DOE), docket ID number (EERE-2015-BT-BC-0002), and any/all applicable DOE proposal ID numbers (see tables below) in the subject line of the message.

DOE Proposals for the 2018 IECC
The Department develops proposals targeting both the residential and commercial provisions of the IECC. The tables include proposals being considered by DOE for submission to the 2018 IECC code development process. Use the following links to jump to the respective tables containing available proposals:


Each proposal is assigned an ID number, noting corresponding provisions of the current code (i.e., 2015 IECC), and including supporting information, such as applicable technical analysis and related resources. The order in which the proposals are presented should not be construed to represent any prioritization of the proposals. Not all proposals require a formal analysis, and in such cases notes may be provided in the analysis column. Updated versions of proposals, as well as supporting analysis files and other related information, are added as they become available. Final proposals are as submitted to the ICC – official proposals can be viewed at the ICC website.