EIA expands its API to include the State Energy Data System

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has added its State Energy Data System (SEDS) annual time-series data to the agency's application programming interface (API). EIA's SEDS data library adds 1.4 million data points, summarizing energy production, consumption, prices, and expenditures, to the API that EIA launched in October 2012. The API allows direct third-party computer access to the agency's public data and is ideal for software developers working in the government, research, or the energy sector who are looking to design information technology applications.  State data available in SEDS include:

  • Energy production (crude oil, natural gas, coal, and ethanol)
  • Energy consumption by source and by sector (residential, industrial, commercial, and transportation)
  • Energy costs and expenditures by source and by sectorGDP and population

Data for a particular state can also be compared with other states or the national average. All of the SEDS production and consumption data is expressed in physical units, such as barrels or tons, as well as in British thermal units (Btu). Btu measurements allow different sources of energy to be compared and aggregated.