NHTSA Seeks Comments on Alternative Fuel Vehicle Labeling Rule

NHTSA is proposing to require badges, labels and owner's manual information for new passenger cars, low speed vehicles (LSVs) and light-duty trucks rated at not more than 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight in order to increase consumer awareness regarding the use and benefits of alternative fuels. In the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA), Congress directed the Secretary of Transportation to develop and implement varied and wide-ranging consumer information and education initiatives related to fuel economy, greenhouse gas, alternative fuels and thermal management technologies. NHTSA is implementing these new information and education initiatives through several different rulemakings.

This proposed rule would implement specific statutory mandates that manufacturers be required to: Identify each vehicle capable of running on an alternative fuel by means of a permanent and prominent display affixed to the exterior of the vehicle; add proposed text describing the capabilities and benefits of using alternative fuels to the owners' manuals provided for alternative fuel vehicles; and identify each vehicle that is capable of running on an alternative fuel by means of a label in the fuel filler compartment.