Colorado Energy Office Launches Grant Program to Electrify Fleets

Source: NASEO

On May 15, 2023, the Colorado Energy Office launched the Fleet-ZERO EV charging grant program to support the transition of light, medium, and heavy-duty fleets to electric vehicles and reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from the transportation sector. The Fleet-ZERO program is a competitive grant opportunity that is open to private, public, non-profit, and independent fleet operators; charging-as-a-service providers; property owners, developers, and managers. The program requires a minimum 20 percent match, however, eligible groups such as disadvantaged business enterprises, minority business enterprises, small business enterprises, nonprofits, and tribes are eligible for a 10 percent match reduction, as well as increased funding adders. Prioritized scoring is also provided for these eligible entities, as well as for all projects located in disproportionately impacted communities.

Eligible expenses for the program include but are not limited to fleet charging stations and related equipment, construction materials, permits, construction and labor costs associated with the charging equipment purchase, installation, and site preparation, as well as utility and electric infrastructure upgrades.

In addition to the Fleet-ZERO EV charging grant program, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has also launched the Clean Fleet Vehicle and Technology Grant Program to fund light-, medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles. Funding incentives are determined based on fuel type and vehicle weight class. Vehicle scrappage is not required, however fleets that choose to scrap any vehicles will be eligible for additional funding.

For additional information on the Fleet-ZERO program and application process, which is currently open through June 30, please visit:

For additional information on the Clean Fleet Vehicle and Technology Grant Program, which is also open through June 30, please visit: