EIA Launches Tool Showing Crude Oil and Natural Gas Wells Across the U.S.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) expanded its U.S. energy mapping system tool to include the location of producing crude oil and natural gas wells developed across the United States.  The new feature is the first of its kind, and allows users to see most crude oil and natural gas wells developed in the United States.

By enabling the “Oil and Gas Wells” feature in the “Layers/Legend” tab of EIA’s energy mapping tool, individuals can see producing wells located over a broad geographical area, such as a producing oil or natural gas field.  Users can also zoom in to visually inspect wells in their state, county, congressional district, or even neighborhood. When the tool is used with a satellite view, users can see satellite pictures of individual wells.  Users will also be able to download the data to create maps and graphics using the data.

EIA’s expanded mapping tool shows offshore and onshore wells in areas where crude oil and natural gas production is being developed.  This includes areas like Pennsylvania, North Dakota and Texas where crude oil and natural gas development in shale basins has increased significantly in recent years. With the release of this tool, the public, policymakers, energy experts and other stakeholders can easily track oil and natural gas field development over time.

The new mapping feature is made possible by a partnership between EIA and Drillinginfo and can be found on EIA’s State Energy Profile webpage: http://www.eia.gov/state/maps.cfm.