New ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager DataTrends Series

The new ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager DataTrends series examines energy and water benchmarking trends for the thousands of buildings in Portfolio Manager. According to the ENERGY STAR announcement, the diverse sample of buildings offers insights into the key drivers of energy use and the savings potential of benchmarking. All of the DataTrends documents are available at  The Benchmarking and Energy Savings DataTrend looks at the over 35,000 buildings with scores in Portfolio Manager from 2008 through 2011 shows average savings of 7%, or 2.4% each consecutive year. At that rate, total savings in 2020 would equal 25%. The DataTrends series also includes a broad overview of energy use benchmarking and water tracking in Portfolio Manager, highlighting general trends observed in the data, as well as more detailed looks into the benchmarking data for several types of buildings. At you will find DataTrends that profile the energy use of office buildings, retail buildings, K-12 schools, and hotels in Portfolio Manager.