ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt and Energy Awareness Month

In recognition of Energy Awareness Month this October, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released a new suite of “Energy Treasure Hunt” tools to help teams discover opportunities for energy and cost savings in facilities. Energy treasure hunts are one- to three-day events that identify operational improvements to reduce energy consumption and encourage participation from diverse teams, including onsite facility staff, occupants, and outside experts and specialists. EPA’s “treasure maps” provide checklists of energy-saving opportunities in 14 different building types, including K-12 schools, hospitals, offices, and multifamily buildings.

Participating facilities are encouraged to submit a summary of their treasure hunt findings to EPA. Treasure hunt findings that are submitted to EPA may be used to demonstrate the savings that can be found through treasure hunts, to inspire others, and be used to identify candidates for case studies with facility owners who opt in. Facility owners that complete treasure hunts before December 31, 2019 will be eligible for a “bounty” of recognition by EPA including inclusion in a weekly ENERGY STAR email and press release and a printable certificate recognizing the facility’s contribution. To learn more, watch EPA's ENERGY STAR Treasure Hunt video here.  

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