Remembering George H.W. Bush’s Energy and Environmental Accomplishments

As the nation pauses to remember President George H.W. Bush’s exceptional leadership and service to our country, we wanted to remind everyone of his Administration’s energy and environmental accomplishments.  There were many in four short years – following are a few examples.

Rio Earth Summit.  This historic summit held in Rio de Janeiro marked the President’s signing of a climate convention, and he affirmed that the “United States would lead the world on environmental protection.”  See the video of his remarks from June 1992.

Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990.  Arguably the most far reaching and impactful set of federal policies to improve air, water and land quality.  Read the President’s statement on signing this important act.

Energy Policy Act of 1992.  This comprehensive energy legislation, a work of compromise that continues to deliver energy innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, and included reauthorization of the U.S. State Energy Program and Weatherization Assistance Program.  Read the President’s official statement on this bill.