Bosch Thermotechnology Corporation Announces First-Ever Non-Condensing Gas Furnace

Bosch Thermotechnology recently introduced its first-ever non-condensing gas furnace, rounding out the company’s product portfolio with a complete residential system for heating and cooling. The Bosch 80% AFUE Gas Furnace, BGS80 Series offers a compact size and four-way multipoise design, making it an ideal replacement for aging non-condensing furnaces.

With a cabinet height of 33.75 inches and a multipoise design, the Bosch furnace can fit into tight places, including basements, attics and crawl spaces, allowing for easy integration into homes. The unit’s control board is equipped with LED Fault Codes, which display common errors as combinations of LED “flashes,” making it easy for contractors to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot and service units.

“Bosch continuously seeks ways to enhance our product portfolio,” said Goncalo Costa, director of air conditioning regional business unit, North America at Bosch Thermotechnology. “Our customers have been asking for Bosch to design a non-condensing gas furnace for their homes, and contractors wanted to be able to offer them one. This new offering fills those gaps, and represents another step in Bosch’s product portfolio journey.”

Learn more about Bosch and read the full press release here.