Alaska Energy Authority Supports Wind Project for Rural Alaskan Community

A small, remote village on the Alaska Peninsula will soon be able to use wind electricity to power and heat homes, thanks to grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, and Alaska Energy Authority’s Renewable Energy Fund program.

According to a recent report by KTOO Public Media, the turbines installed as part of the wind project in Pilot Point, Alaska are expected to come online in the coming months and will provide an abundant, reliable, and cheaper alternative to the costly diesel fuel that the town has historically used for electricity and heating.

Through the Renewable Energy Fund, the Alaska Energy Authority assists communities across the state to reduce and stabilize the cost of energy by funding the development of qualifying and competitively selected renewable energy projects. The program is designed to produce cost-effective renewable energy for heat and power to benefit Alaskans statewide. The program also creates jobs, uses local energy resources, and keeps money in local economies.