USEER Reveals Growth Trends in Changing U.S. Energy Market

The 2018 U.S. Energy and Employment Report finds that the U.S. energy market accounts for millions of jobs, including in electric power generation and fuels; transmission, distribution and storage; energy efficiency; and motor vehicles. Energy employment data and trends provide wealth of information on how states, localities, and corporations can better design policies, programs, and investments to ensure continued growth and evolution for energy technologies and markets.

In partnership with the Barr Foundation, NASEO and Advanced Energy Economy wrote a blog post on “Growth Trends in the Rapidly Changing U.S. Energy Market.” Click here to read about how states and companies in the Northeast are harnessing USEER data to track the impact of policy and technology advancements, and to ensure their communities and workforce are prepared for these rapid changes.

Learn more about key findings here.

Download the full report here.