NEEP Releases Regional Operations and Maintenance Guide: Strategies for creating green, healthy & energy efficient existing schools and public buildings in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

The Regional Operations and Maintenance Guide for Schools and Public Buildings in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (O&M Guide) has been developed by NEEP and regional stakeholders for use in any existing schools and public buildings in the region. It provides guidance to state and local jurisdictions to ensure the continued performance of new buildings that are built to green building standards and puts existing buildings – regardless of age – on the pathway to becoming energy-saving high performance facilities.

The Guide contains O&M procedures that will help buildings reduce  operating costs, as well as lead to healthier indoor air, improved student and staff comfort, reduced water consumption, improved environmental stewardship, and overall improvements in the learning environment. O&M procedures targeted at energy efficiency can save 5 to 20% on a building’s energy bills. These savings can total up to hundreds of thousands dollars annually, and many can be achieved at no to little cost.