Affiliates’ State Energy Planning Taskforce Discussion

April 1, 2015, 4:00 - 5:00 PM

During this call, the discussion will focus on the content of state’s comprehensive energy plans. NASEO’s Melissa Savage, Senior Program Director, will offer a national perspective on general and sector-specific recommendations and trends that are common in energy plans, and review NASEO's on-line database of state plans. Additionally, two NASEO Affiliates, the American Gas Association and The Weidt Group, and the Nebraska Energy Office will discuss share priorities, insights, and approaches that states may wish to consider during the planning process. The call will include ample time for Affiliates to raise important issues that NASEO should consider in researching and developing recommendations and guidelines for state energy planning.



I. Welcome
Taskforce Co-Chairs: Ashley Duckman, American Gas Association and Kristy Manning, Missouri Division of Energy

II. Refresher: What is the State Energy Planning Taskforce?
Sandy Fazeli, NASEO

III. Snapshot of Content in State Plans
Melissa Savage and Sandy Fazeli, NASEO

IV. Q&A and Discussion
Ashley Duckman, American Gas Association
Chris Baker, The Weidt Group
David Bracht, Nebraska Energy Office

Contact: Sandy Fazeli