Mission Moon Pie Intrastate Tabletop Exercise

August 7, 2019
Franklin, TN

The Tennessee Office of Energy Programs, with support from the National Association of State Energy Officials, will conduct a tabletop exercise to test and refine the State of Tennessee’s existing energy emergency planning capabilities to respond to a petroleum fuel supply disruption scenario. The intrastate exercise will be held on Wednesday, August 7, 2019. Exercise objectives include:

  • Examine and clarify state agencies’ roles, responsibilities, authorities, and actions during a petroleum fuel supply disruption.
  • Validate procedures and identify gaps to be addressed;
  • Identify and improve communication and coordination protocols among state agencies, the private sector, federal government, and other states;
  • Explore how an event would be managed at the local level in both large metropolitan and smaller communities; and
  • Review draft revisions to the state’s Petroleum Contingency Plan.

Admission is by invitation only.

Please contact Shemika Spencer (sspencer@naseo.org) for any questions.