NASEO Transportation Committee Webinar: Mobility as a Service – Technological Advances and Policy Opportunities

May 9, 2019, 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

In the past several years, firms have begun to offer mobility services to customers, rather than direct vehicle sales. From car sharing programs, Uber and Lyft, and bike or scooter rentals in urban environments, pedestrians have more mobility options than ever. Furthermore, there is a huge push from technology and automobile companies to produce fully autonomous, electric vehicles. If successful, these would allow corporations to provide rides to customers without a driver and without on-road pollution. This has the potential to reduce congestion, reduce the need for parking spaces, and make the economic case for EVs much more compelling (escalating payback of higher up front prices from fuel savings over time). However, to date, the rise of certain mobility services has increased energy consumption and decreased public transit ridership. This webinar reviewed recent technological advances in mobility-as-a-service applications, and will explore policy options for fostering the development of energy-efficient mobility services.


  • James Delgado, Managing Director, Blue Systems - Presentation

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