NASEO Transportation Committee Webinar: Renewable Natural Gas and Diesel

March 14, 2019, 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Renewable natural gas and diesel is produced by capturing methane emissions from waste products, and either turning it into a useful fuel, or burning it on-site to generate electricity. This technology can be useful in urban environments, at wastewater treatment plants or landfill, or in rural environments at agriculture or livestock operations. It has several clear benefits: creating a domestic source of energy, reducing local grid demand, and converting methane into a less impactful greenhouse gas (CO2). However, these projects are highly expensive, require advanced systems and a trained staff to manage them, and often don’t pay-back for several years. This webinar will examine some successful case studies for new renewable fuel operations, as well as successful financing mechanisms to get these operations underway.

Speakers and Presentations

  • Johannes Escudero: Founder & CEO, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas - Presentation
  • Josh Rapport: Vice President of Research & Development, CleanWorld - Presentation

Please click here to view the recording of the webinar (registration required).