NASEO Webinar - DOE Distribution Systems and Planning Training

March 15, 2018, 4:00 - 5:00 PM ET

NASEO's Fuels and Grid Integration Committee will hold a webinar on March 15, from 4:00 - 5:00 pm ET, to discuss the Distribution Systems and Planning Training sessions being conducted by DOE’s Grid Modernization Laboratory Consortium (GMLC) along with the DOE National Labs, NASEO, and NARUC.  The webinar will feature presentations by:  Maury Galbraith, Executive Director of the Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB) to discuss distribution planning efforts by WIEB; Lisa Schwartz, Deputy Group Leader, Electricity Markets and Policy Group of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to discuss the Distribution Systems and Planning Training sessions; and Kerry Worthington of NARUC to discuss the specific items of the Salt Lake City Distribution Systems and Planning Training meeting.

The Distribution Systems and Planning Training series will include sessions on electrical distribution systems, utility distribution system planning, and state engagement on long term distribution planning. Technical sessions on distributed energy resources, reliability, distribution system controls, and distribution planning analyses will also be part of the training program. The first training session will take place in Salt Lake City, Utah on May 2-3, 2018 and will focus on developing policies to remove barriers to interconnection of distributed solar generation in the West.  Future training sessions are planned to engage the remaining states and regions.  NASEO and the partners will provide travel support for state energy officials in the Western states to attend the Salt Lake City session.

For more information, please contact Fred Hoover.