NASEO Fuels and Grid Integration Committee Conference Call - State Energy Offices and Public Utility Staff Relationships and Cooperative Actions

February 20, 2018, 3:00 - 4:15 PM ET

NASEO's Fuels and Grid Integration Committee will host a conference call with representatives of the State Energy Offices and their respective Public Utility Commission Technical Staffs to discuss how to create a relationship between the agencies and opportunities to work on issues and concerns of mutual interest. The conference call will include presentations by:

  • John Chatburn, Administrator, Idaho Office of Energy Resources and Randy Lobb, Utilities Division Administrator, Idaho Public Utilities Commission
  • Lauren Savidge, Staff Attorney, Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Vicki Hackett, Director of Adjudications, Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
  • Jan Brinch, Director, National Council on Electricity Policy, NARUC and Kerry Worthington, NARUC

For additional details, please contact Fred Hoover.