State Energy Planning Conference Call for SEOs

April 8, 2016, 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Call Presentation

Over the past several years, NASEO has developed a number of tools and guides to assist State Energy Offices in comprehensive energy planning, such as our publication, State Energy Planning Guidelines and the  database of state plans. Over the next six months we will be updating our planning guidance, adding new data and tools, and example state approaches and documents for adaptation and use.

In order to ensure that we have incorporated priorities and needs of State and Territory Energy Offices in this work, we are holding a one-hour conference call on April 8, 2016 to gather feedback and input on the kinds of information and tools that your office believes would be most helpful to include in the materials we are developing. We would also like to gain your input on planning-related information in the following areas that may be useful in supporting state energy planning stakeholder processes:
1.Grid modernization (smart grid, renewable energy and energy efficiency integration, storage).
2.Energy and air program integration (e.g., identifying methods of capturing the multi-pollutant benefits of energy efficiency).
3.Integration of transportation efficiency, alternative fuels, and land use planning.

Your input on this call is important in the development and update of NASEO's state energy planning guidance and tools. The input will be summarized in a planning needs assessment which we will share with states following the call for any further comments.

Please contact Rodney Sobin ( or Melissa Savage ( if you have any questions.