Under the Buildings Committee, NASEO supports the State Energy Offices' efforts to adopt new model building energy codes and improve code compliance and enforcement.  As part of this, NASEO also helps states increase partnerships with utilities to support building energy code programs.


NASEO's September 2013 Response to DOE's "Code Compliance RFI"
The comments were compiled during a conference call with over 15 State Energy Office representatives. The full RFI and other available comments are available online.

Leveraging State Energy Office-Utility Partnerships on Building Energy Codes
Overview of existing State Energy Office-Utility partnerships on building energy codes from across the country. Four common approaches, including training and stakeholder engagement, are presented. Offers lessons learned to inform SEOs how to engage with utilities.  Features case studies on Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, and Washington.

Introduction to State Benefits to Building Energy Codes and Compliance
Overview of statewide benefits to adoption and compliance with model energy codes.  Developed in partnership with Building Codes Assistance Project (BCAP).

NASEO Board Resolution - Supporting Utility Involvement in Energy-Efficient Building Codes (2011)
Describes the benefits of utility involvement in building energy codes support.

Building Codes Recommendations to DOE
Addresses approaches to DOE's state assistance on the adoption and compliance of model energy codes.

Codes Cost Analysis Recommendations to DOE
NASEO's response to DOE's Building Energy Codes Cost Analysis.


State and Local Strategies for Increasing Building Energy Code Compliance
December 13, 2012

Energy Codes Collaborative
April 17, 2012

Building Energy Codes Webinar
June 14, 2011

Building Energy Codes Webinar
February 26, 2010


Building Energy Codes Roundtable
May 17, 2011 - Washington, DC

Building Energy Codes and Beyond Workshop
October 27-30, 2010 -- Charlotte, NC

Energy Codes Training, Compliance and Enforcement Meeting and Webinar
October 27, 2009 - Sheraton Baltimore City Center - Baltimore, MD


DOE Building Energy Codes Program

Building Codes Assistance Project OCEAN 
Code advocacy, adoption, and implementation.

BCAP and Consumers Union Energy Code Resources for Consumers 
Energy Code Checklist and Energy Code Guide with information for consumers on the requirements of energy code applicability to homes and renovation.  State-specific resources are available for Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Texas.

Energy Efficient Codes Coalition 
More on the code development process

Responsible Energy Codes Alliance 
IECC information and State Code Guides

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