NASEO is working with the State Energy Offices on several home energy labeling and home energy scoring initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at helping states as they work to increase the use of home energy labeling approaches that more fully value energy efficient homes.  Residential energy labeling can also provide home owners with valuable information regarding how their home’s energy performance and cost-effective energy efficiency actions they can take, as well as assisting home buyers in better understanding the total cost of home ownership. The initiatives include:

  • Energy Metrics to Promote Residential Energy Scorecards in States (EMPRESS) 
    NASEO is also working with the Rhode Island Energy Office in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, the Missouri Division of Energy, the Arkansas Energy Office, the Oregon Department of Energy, as well as Energy Futures Group, Earth Advantage and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation on the Energy Metrics to Promote Residential Energy Scorecards in States (EMPRESS) project.
  • Home Energy Labeling Information Exchange (HELIX) 
    NASEO is a subcontractor to the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships and is working with the Vermont Public Service Department, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, Energize Connecticut, and the United States Department of Energy.
  • Residential Energy Labeling Coordination 
    To better coordinate activities and assist states in leveraging resources, NASEO holds a Residential Energy Labeling Coordination call each month, and conducts periodic meetings in conjunction with the NASEO Annual Meeting and Energy Outlook Conference.  The calls provide a forum for State Energy Offices, local governments, interested NASEO Affiliate Members, and other stakeholders active in residential energy labeling to elevate best practices, new approaches, and market concerns.

Upcoming Calls and Webinars

Home Energy Labeling Conference Call: July 12, 2017, 11:00am-12:00pm ET