NASEO’s Multifamily Taskforce examines challenges, opportunities, and strategies to advance energy efficiency in the low-income multifamily rental sector. State agencies can fill an important gap in the multifamily housing energy challenge by offering technical and programmatic expertise; convening housing, energy, and utility stakeholders; and incorporating promising practices in multifamily efficiency into their policy development and energy planning processes.

The Taskforce has explored a number of priority topics related to options for State Energy Offices to explore and support multifamily energy efficiency. The following issue briefs and resources offer a summary of these priority issues and examples of how State Energy Offices and their partners are advancing these important issues:

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Publications and Resources

Multifamily Policy and Program Horizons, and the Implications for Multifamily Energy Efficiency Finance
Date: February 2015
Authors: Sandy Fazeli, Program Director, NASEO and Lauren Ross, Local Policy Manager, ACEEE
Description: Only small pockets of activity around the country have advanced multifamily energy efficiency in a meaningful way. In fact, even where local efforts have been successful, they operate in a policy and regulatory landscape that overwhelmingly caters to commercial properties or single-family homes. Recent developments are signaling a shift in this landscape, powered in large part by innovative partnerships. This article from the State and Local Energy Report details examples of national, state, local, and utility actions and collaborations show promise for furthering efforts to improve building performance, increase available resources, and ultimately help communities and tenants realize the benefits of energy efficiency for multifamily buildings.

Moving on Multifamily Energy Efficiency: Four Tips For and From States
Date: May 2014
Author: Sandy Fazeli, Program Manager, NASEO
Description: Derived from discussions with energy offices and housing agencies that are currently thinking through issues in multifamily energy efficiency, this article from the State and Local Energy Report covers NASEO’s running list of tips and insights for state governments and their partners to move the bar in the multifamily sector.

Multifamily Energy Efficiency: Reported Barriers and Emerging Practices
Date: November 2013
Authors: Elizabeth Bellis, Energy Programs Consortium; Stephen Morgan, Clean Energy Solutions; Sandy Fazeli and David Terry, NASEO
Description: This report identifies commonly-cited barriers to energy efficiency investments in low-income multifamily housing and discusses current efforts to address them. It highlights strategies for deploying public- and private-sector resources, with the goal of increasing the effectiveness of current and future efforts.

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